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Charley's At The Lakes Daily Specials & Activity's

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"The ultimate relaxation method? Indulging in refreshing, ice-cold beverages while immersing yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset! 😍 Join us on our patio and let it whisk you away into a vacation state of mind 🤩"

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About us
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About Us

Charley's at The Lakes eagerly anticipates our upcoming relocation to Westbrook Village. Our establishment is an extension of Charley's Sports Grill, renowned for serving delectable, house-made cuisine crafted under the creative guidance of our Executive Chef, Alex Dire.

Our team of new proprietors includes Kelli List, a proud native Arizonan and second-generation Westbrook Village resident, Sal Fernandez, originally from New York but a longtime Arizona enthusiast who officially moved here in 2020 after years of visiting, and Joe and Diane Hetzel, who call Madison, Wisconsin home but have maintained a second residence in Arizona (Arrowhead) since 2009.

We are genuinely excited to connect with our new neighbors and become an integral part of this wonderful community.

October  Calendar 2023

FEATURES ACTIVITIES Monday Spaghetti & Meatballs $11.99 9th Hole Burger & Select Bev $9.99
LIVE MUSIC SCHEDULE Friday, October 6th - Tiger and Good Mojo Saturday, October 7th - Clas
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